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It has become very commonplace to see lots of car reviews in magazines and on the net these days. As soon as a car model is launched in the market, its review is made available on various sites that claim to have an expertise in matters dealing with a car and offer to present an unbiased review of the car based upon its features as well as pros and cons. It is a common practice to compare the features of the car with other cars in the same category.In a way, these car reviews are very helpful to those who intend to buy a new car in the near future as they can get an unbiased view about the features and the performance of the car without even taking a test drive. These reviews can be of great help to car makers also as they get to know the pros and cons of the cars which helps them in no uncertain manner as they can begin on the development of another car which is better and does not have the features which have been criticized in the review.As for the readers, these car reviews are of immense value. If a reader is impressed by a car, he can get to know in detail about its specifications and features and depending upon the views of the person who has drawn the review. If the review is positive and convincing, it tilts the decision of the reader in favor of the car and he is more inclined to buy the car.These days, many car manufacturers have their own blogs and websites where they get the reviews of their cars published. These reviews are heavily biased in favor of their car and hence it is necessary to be aware of the source of the review as it may be coming from an expert who has been paid to write a favorable review.There are some steps that a reader must take after reading a review. One should not base his decision on a single review and he should compare different reviews of the same car published in various sites and magazines to be sure of the performance of the car. You can compare many aspects of the car on your own, but for technical aspects, you need help from these review as you are not qualified to judge a car on technical points.

2013 Ford Fiesta Car Review – Cars Review

Simplicity and versatility had never been so intimately combined. Ranked best among superminis by Autocar Magazine, 2 out of 43 Affordable small cars reviewed by US News and winner of the prestigious Car of the Year Award, the 2013 Ford Fiesta continues in its quest to offer unparalleled appeal, some handy luxury features and outstanding fuel economy at a low price. As it turns out, it’s remarkably one of the best ways to downsize without the regret of having to settle for mediocrity.Available trims for 2013For 2013, available trims include the “S” which is the base model, “SE” and “Titanium.” The “S,” which starts at around $13900 comes with an air conditioner and a lowly 40-watt speaker system. The “SE” adds Ford’s voice-activated Sync system, keyless entry, better sound and a trip computer while the “Titanium” sums it up with alloy rims, LED headlamps, heated mirrors, heated front seats, ambient lighting and a push-start-button. These features make the “Titanium” very practical at just $18000.No party for back-benchersFor good driving dynamics, well-oriented interior and good fuel economy few cars match up to the 2013 Ford Fiesta, but while front-seat occupants coddle in trend setting head- and leg-room space rear passengers will have little to smile about. This was the only criticism leveled against this car as well as limited boot size, otherwise all interviewed owners were content. This is a car that is not afraid to show what it stands for and its reception in the market was like none other for such a midsized sedan. Even the “bad” bosses did not feel out of class as they drove away their new purchases.PracticalityThe search for a practical subcompact car had never been so spirited, with the likes of VW Polo, Mazda 2, Kia Rio and Chevrolet Aveo hard at the Fiesta’s heels. The ride is composed and very quiet, with a general sense of solidity that is hard to come by in subcompact cars. The engine is no powerhouse though, being a 1.6 liter four-cylinder that delivers 120 horsepower and 112 lb.-ft of torque, and there are even smaller engines of 1250 cc and 1000 cc. Standard transmission is a five-speed automated manual gearbox and acceleration from zero to 100km/h is in 9.5 seconds. Okay, let’s admit it’s not a racing car but people interested in this category are hardly interested in performance, just a reliable travelling unit that offers comfort and good mileage at an affordable price. With these in regard therefore, the 2013 Ford Fiesta does not disappoint as well as when it comes to safety. It entails antilock brakes, traction and stability control, blind spot mirror, front, side and knee airbags and a 4 out of 5 ranking by the IIHS. It is also one of the most rewarding cars to drive in its segment, with a refined and smooth ride even at high revolutions. Its superb suspension and responsive steering combines with supple handling to give the car a ride quality with rewarding precision that is nothing short of brilliant.”If practicality is secondary to style and substance in your book, then Ford Fiesta should be on your shopping list.” – Consumer guide