Water-Powered Cars Review – Is Running Your Car on Water For Real? – Cars Review

Earlier in the school days, we used to participate in the discussions such as “Technology – Boon or Bane”. Theoretically, every technology is 100% beneficial. But upon testing, it might suffer from disadvantages too. The same is the case with Water Powered Cars.If you search for “how to run your car on water,” then most of the found resources say that water-powered car technology is damn great and hype it in their own exclamatory words. But no one gives you an unbiased review of water-powered concept. So I thought, why not research myself and furnish water powered cars review.Let me first list out the noticeable pros of run car on water technology:1. Fuel Savings: At the end of the month, if we calculate the total gasoline charges, we would pay less due to the increased mileage when compared to our conventional fuel.2. As we use water as the fuel, there is no global warming and carbon emissions.3. No fossil fuel consumption.4. No noise and air pollution5. Less maintenance – As there is no carbon emission, less maintenance is required.6. As the water powered cars use the reversible technology, you can reverse to the old process at any time.On the flip side, if we consider the cons of run car on water technology, here are the observations:1. You should be fully aware of the different parts of the car. Even though, I’ve been using my Ford car from years, but frankly speaking I’m not aware of the functionality of the different parts of the car.2. Even though water powered cars technology is fully reversible, but I’m 100% confident that one cannot make it if you are going for a long drive. The reversible process requires some sort of technical expertise.Keeping these cons aside, I’m fully satisfied with run car on water technology. As every technology has some pros and cons, so does the water powered cars. After fully cross checking the advantages and disadvantages, I’m of the view that Water Powered Cars are the need for the hour. With crude oil prices touching all time high ($147), you need to look for better cost saving innovations such as Running Your Car On Water.