Setting a Price For Your Used Car – Cars Review

The key to selling your used car quickly and easily is pricing it cleverly. It’s absolutely crucial that you price your used car at the correct price level; if you set the price of your car too low you will probably be out of pocket, on the other hand, set it too high and you will have no interested buyers calling you or making general inquiries with you about your car for sale.If you are planning to sell your used car quickly and also to get the most money possible for your car, there are a few key points that you should consider and remember when it comes to setting the price of your used car.1. ComparisonDetermine your car’s approximate value by visiting car ads websites showing used cars for sale and check the prices of cars which are similar to your car, which you can then use as a rough selling price guide. You should only check the price of similar cars in your general location, as prices tend to be different depending on the location of sale. Also, try to consider the mileage, model and condition of your car when searching for similar cars for sale.2. ConditionThe actual condition of your car is very important in determining the selling price, and also something a potential buyer will most definitely be very critical of. When setting the selling price of your car you should try to make an assessment of your car’s actual condition and reflect that in the price. If the asking price and condition don’t match – you will probably find it very difficult to sell your car. You should also reduce the selling price in accordance with the necessary repairs required.3. Market ResearchYou should visit some car dealers to determine your car’s approximate trade-in value. Because car dealers tend to offer various extras such as warranties, return policies and other services, you would have to reduce your selling price below them in order to sell your car, otherwise there is no incentive for private buyers.Do some research online at some car review sites to get a better idea and build up more detailed knowledge about your car for sale, including prices, condition etc…4. Cushion for hagglingYou would need to allow approx 10% of a cushion when selling your car. Because all buyers like to haggle and get the car for a lower price you should allow for this in your price. If you don’t, be prepared to loose money.5. Best Offer (OBO)Adding the term “or best offer” (OBO) to your asking price may be a good idea if you want to sell your car quickly. Including this phrase (OBO) in your car advert can result in more enquiries, but you will most likely end up with less money than you originally asked for. Be careful when using this phrase.6. Be realisticIt is important that you set a realistic selling price for your used car. If you are unrealistic in your asking price you may be waiting for a long time to sell your car, or quite possibly potential buyers may not contact you at all. If this happens you will be forced to drop your asking price in order to sell.By doing some initial research and spending the necessary time to get it right you should be in the position to set a fair and reasonable asking price for your car, and then hopefully, sell your car quickly and with little effort. Don’t forget to follow the above guidelines and advice, and you should not have any problems when it comes to selling used cars.Good Luck!!