Car Review – 2009 Audi TT – Cars Review

When I think of German engineers I always get a picture in my head of a group of stuffy, lab coat wearing, clipboard holding, over-analytical nerds. Regardless of the fact of if this is true or not, I love your cars. So with this in mind, this time I will be driving a vehicle that has been an icon for over 10 years. Today, it’s the Audi TT.Now, I absolutely love Audi, therefore being able to drive the TT is an absolute treat to me. First off, let’s take a look as the design. Although it doesn’t look terribly different as you can imagine, there are some slight changes, such as the bi-xenon headlights with Audi’s trademark LED daytime running lights (which are useless, but looks awesome), and larger air intakes in the front. Wider door sills and an a aggressive rear bumper incorporates the two twin exhaust outlets in the back.The interior is well, small. I mean Audi added two seats for the back but there’s no way anyone can fit properly back there unless they didn’t have legs. As for the front, there is plenty of room….. for your legs. As for the rest, it comes with a nice aluminum trim, sturdy but soft leather seats, and a overall modern looking design. All of the controls are within your reach and easy to operate, except the navigation system, which I had a bit of a problem with. However, it comes with Audi’s Multi-Media Interface (MMI) which gives you in display audio controls, and adds several steps to simple tasks like changing the radio station. MMI might appeal to the geeks of the world, but using buttons works better in the long run. The we have the steering wheel, which if you notice is flat on the bottom. The reason for this is without it, it would be extremely difficult to get in and out due to the tight fit.Under the hood, the one I’m driving today comes with the 3.2-liter V6 engine that outputs 250hp and 236 ft.-lb. of torque. Fuel economy starts at 17-mpg city and 24-mpg, which isn’t that bad actually. Other versions that are available is the 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which outputs 200hp and 207 ft.-lb. of torque, and the top of the line TTS which has a slightly more tuned V6 engine which gives you 265hp. It also comes with Audi’s variable adaptive suspension keeps the front-wheel-drive TT on the road.Now, let’s talk about how this handles when being drove. In the city is wonderful. The sport suspension is stiff, but not overdone to the point where your ass will feel like you went through a round of boxing with Danny Jacobs. It’s also is very quiet surprisingly and able to accelerate well when needed. Onto the highway it takes off very nicely. Although not incredibly fast, it accelerates more than well enough to leave the people trying to follow you. Plus the sound from that 3.2-liter V6 engine is just fantastic. Now, the U.S. has a governor on these vehicles which limit them to 130mph. Although I didn’t get that fast, I got close enough to start making people think I was being chased by the cops (about 120mph). Pulling off the highway and onto the country roads, it handles well under high speeds around corners. It must come with the fact when Audi designed this vehicle, they made it so it’s very well balanced in the front and the rear. Along with Audi’s adaptive suspension it just excellent anywhere you go.So, overall I’ll have to give this car a thumbs up in my book. However, if I were to say what my main disappointment is, it’s the engine. I was expecting a little more from Audi’s superior engines, especially from a V6. Why couldn’t they turbocharged that decently and give it a good 300hp, along with the TTS having even more?The one I drove today has a price tag of $37,200, but the lineup of the Audi TT’s come between $35,200 – $46,540. My opinion, get one because it’s a lot of fun to drive.